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A traffic ticket is probably the last thing any motorist wants to get. Parking tickets!  Speeding tickets!  They’re the last thing a busy driver needs. First, you hear the sirens, then see the flashing lights and feel your heart pumping as you are pulled over and handed a ticket.

This is life in a world that is made smaller through innovations and is governed by laws to maintain safety. A traffic ticket, unlike other tickets is unwelcome, as this notification issued by legal enforcement officers to drivers or other users of the road who allegedly committed a traffic law violation. In some state, traffic tickets means a penalty, in the form of fines or deduction of points assessed against the vehicle operator or owner. Should there be any failure in payment, the recipient of the ticket will be prosecuted or required to face civil recovery proceedings for the fine. A ticket does not constitute a traffic violation but only a form of citation or order to face a traffic court that will determine guilt.

In the United States, as well as Philadelphia, most traffic laws are mandated in different manner by state, county and municipal laws or ordinances. Minor violations are called civil infractions; as defective or improper vehicle equipment; insufficient proof of license, insurance or registration; non-moving violations, or seat belt and child-restraint safety violations.

If you receive a traffic ticket in Philadelphia, you have two options: (1) give a plea of guilty; or (2) give a plea of not guilty.

If your plea is guilty, you will have to pay the fine, other related surcharges including an increase in your driving points, as well as increase in your insurance premiums. Pleading not guilty means you have to attend a hearing to present your case in court. An essential step is to contact a traffic ticket lawyer to handle the case.

Two of the most common ways to dismiss a traffic ticket is to: (1) to provide evidence that you have not violated any traffic laws. For instance: if you are stopped for over speeding and the police find you have no insurance, he will likely drop the ticket if you provide proof of a car insurance within a certain number of days. (2) You can contest a ticket in court and receive a judgment of not guilty.

Fines or penalties for traffic tickets vary according to offense. Recipients have to check the citation issued for the exact amount or contact their local courts. There are two forms of traffic tickets: (1) citing a moving violation, as over speeding; and (2) a non-moving violation, such as parking violation as this ticket is referred to as a notice of illegal parking, parking citation or parking ticket.

Make a thorough study of your ticket, then talk the court authorities and hire a traffic ticket attorney for ways to dismiss the case.

A minor who is issued a traffic ticket has again the option to pay the fines or give a guilty plea like the case of the adult. However, juvenile offenders face greater risk of license suspension as their driving points are increased.

Adult drivers whose records reached six points still maintain their license by taking and passing written and on-road exams. This privilege is not given to young drivers; as soon as driving record reaches 6 points, automatically they face a mandatory 90-day license suspension. So if you are issued a ticket but your record has below 6 points, you either pay the fine or face the court.

In ordinary situations, a traffic ticket for a particular charge in Philadelphia will be fined the same as charged in Pittsburgh. Even extra surcharges and court costs and surcharges are the same throughout the state as mandated by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC)..

Unless you hire a lawyer, it is more convenient to just pay the fine than contesting traffic ticket is court. However, since it is a plea of guilty, you pay penalties aside from the usual fine. Courts receive payment in person, by mail, or online using the court’s own system. Paying over the phone is not allowed.

Your best option to get a dismissal is to contact a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you in court. Traffic lawyers are certified and experienced that assist innocent drivers to get a not guilty verdicts or an attorney can even help get charges lowered or dismissed altogether.

Ticket traffic lawyers must accompany a driver who has been charged with serious offenses, such as those involving drugs, alcohol, or physical injury or death.

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