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Radars are of many types: air-traffic control radar, radar used in the military, radar used for weather, and lots more. However, traffic radar does not belong to the above category as it is different.

1. Traffic radar has highly sophisticated equipment. According to a popular concept of a radar antenna, it is a dish mounted on a tower that is rotating to sweep the horizon. The familiar radar sweep of this kind of dish is seen on TV weather reports. Sophisticated radars sweep has a modulated beam to measure: (1) speed of objects; (2) distance to those objects; and (3) general shape of those objects to aid in identifying its ground crew. This type of radar cost over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2. Traffic radar is very simple because it cannot be larger than what is seen fitted on the dashboard of a mid-size cruiser. Its simplicity is due to its cost that is no more than the low bid of a municipality’s procurement process. It cost around $600 or even less. Due to its simplicity, traffic radar has important limitations.

3. Traffic radar does not sweep, instead it makes use of a stationary beam like a searchlight. It shines down the road, either forward or backward but neither both ways at once. The area under surveillance by traffic radar is quite limited.

4. Traffic radar does not use a modulated beam; instead it uses a constant beam. It follows that due to the presence of multiple moving objects within range, traffic radar is not able to distinguish between them.

5. Traffic radar has no radar screen as it has only a single digital readout. At any given time, the maximum amount of information traffic radar provides is only one number. This is very significant limitation.

6. The radar’s traffic constant beam is very much like a searchlight; not only in its shape but n its method of operation. Microwaves act like light waves as they travel in straight lines and are easily reflected. The most effective reflectors are metallic objects such as autos, trucks, railguards, and walkways as they are able to send microwaves’ reflected light around in changeable directions just like small flashes of light.

However, radars are unlike lights as you cannot see its beam for microwaves are not visible. However, they are easily accepted by a radio attuned to microwave frequency and such radio connected to a compact antenna forms the basis of all traffic radars.

7. Traffic radar shines its microwave searchlight down the road; when you come within its range, the beam bounces off your car, and the radar antenna looks for the reflections.

8. Traffic radar moves speed continuously from the reflections received by using a physic’s phenomenon know as Doppler principle. Doppler principle is applied by traffic radar to microwaves. The shifted frequency of the reflection is comparable to the original frequency of the beam. It sends these beams out and from the difference it calculates speed, which then displays on its digital readout.

This summarizes the significance of traffic radar.

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