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The legality of wearing Google Glass while driving is still unresolved although felony charges of an operator wearing one has been dismissed.
Last October, Google tester Cecilia Abadie was pulled over by a CHP officer for speeding above the limit; however, when the officer saw that she was wearing Google Glass, he also ticketed her for felony for watching a TV monitor while driving.

The latest development was that the Municipal Court of San Diego threw out the case since there was no proof that the screen mounted above head was turned on at the time that Abadie denied.

According to Commissioner John Blair there was the scope and intent to violate the law with a computer monitor while driving, but it could not be proven that the violation took place.

The rules regarding the use of Google Glass have not been clarified and it was based on laws that came prior to the new technology. So the legality of wearing Google Glass in public thoroughfares while driving has not been cleared.

After the acquittal, Abadie told reporters that experimentation with devices is ongoing and she believes that hands-free device is safer than a mobile.

But a ruling like this is mildly confusing not because it was thrown out but there was no closure. Regarding the use of Google Glass, there was no clarity about it when the traffic court dismissed the citation last Thursday. Abadie was considered to be the first driver in the U.S. to receive a ticket for being behind the wheel while wearing a computer Google eyeglass device.The court ruled that Cecilia Abadie had not violated any law because violation needs solid evidence that the device was in operation, which the officer was not able to provide.

Google glass is a kind of glass-wear frame that features a minute-size transparent display above the right eye. Frame of the device is lightweight but equipped with a hidden camera that responds to voice commands. Uses of the technology as varied as it checks email; states background of something the wearer is looking at, or to gives driving directions.

Legal experts concluded that the ruling of the case did not set the lower court a legal precedent but introduces a number of coming cases that will be confronting courts as lawmakers struggled to keep up with fast-evolving technology.

Abadie is a software developer and among other 30,000 people selected to try out Google Glass before the technology becomes widely available to the public later this year.

The legal counsel of Abadie said that device was not activated when she was driving and that there is no law banning drivers from using Google Glass. He added that law makers have to clarify the legality of the law so it will not confused people wearing the glasses.Lawmakers in Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia submitted bills banning the use of Google glasses while driving.
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