Witness in ticket-fixing case denies judge received gifts
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For Monday, the trial started with the testimony of a former PA to former Judge Robert Mulgrew who denied that her boss ever receive gifts, food, money or anything of value in lieu of fixing the violations.

Gloria McNesby, granted immunity from prosecution was a reluctant witness. She served as Mulgrew personal aide from 2008 – 2011.Under direct examination by Asst. U.S. Atty. Anthony Wzorek, she said that she was often bringing requests for consideration to the judge coming from his colleagues. McNesby admitted that she did not tell the truth before the grand jury fearful of the outcome and out of her loyalty for her boss.

It was the same procedure as testimony that was given earlier from Tonya R. Hilton, ex-Judge Singletary’s personal assistant. Under grant of immunity, she testified in the direct examination last week that she was also handed index cards from other Pas and were understood to be requests for traffic violations that would be either dismissed, suspensions be lifted or the violator found not guilty.

McNesby continued that requests came daily, and that Mulgrew explained the process the first time she reported in his office. She said when subpoenaed for the first time, she did not tell the grand jury in 2012 everything of the culture of ticket-fixing that was deeply rooted in the Traffic Court of Philadelphia.

the entire truth about what she knew about the alleged culture of ticket-fixing with the Traffic Court.

When she reported to the office of the judge for the first time, Mulgrew I told her that people would be giving names and she was instructed what to do. The names including the citation number would be submitted to him from the personal aides of judges. He said that these are the name of people that will be given consideration.

Wzorek asked is McNesby was given names and she answered that people would hand her a card with a name that wanted consideration. The requests for consideration came from the Pas of ex-judges Bruno, Lowry, Singletary, Sullivan and Tynes.

Wzorek asked what happened with the cards eventually and the witness said that she was instructed to shred them.

But under cross examination, McNesby testified that former Judge Mulgrew never received money or benefits in exchange for allegedly fixing tickets. Mulgrew’s defense counsel then asked if consideration requests differ from the plea bargains, continuances or other court decisions given daily by Mulgrew in court.

Defense continued that judges these dispositions happened daily and each person was treated by judge fairly and squarely. This was substantiated by McNesby.

Defense lawyer asked if there was any monetary attached to these considerations or concert tickets or a special favor or something beneficial for the Judge. McNesby said that she was not aware of any of these.

Aside from the former judges, there was Robert Moy who was a businessman. Based on investigation made by fed investigators, Moy had been accepting cash from clients in exchange for favorable result of their traffic violations.

Federal prosecutors alleged that the judges made use of their elected positions to control outcome of cases outside the judicial process. Two possible outcomes of the trial: One, the ticket- the case would be dismissed & the violator not found guilty, and two, adjudication given to the violator to lessen the fines and eliminate points assigned to the holder’s driving record.

Multiple counts of charges have been filed against the defendants: (1) abetting; (2) aiding; (3) conspiracy to commit wire &mail fraud; (4) false statements to the FBI; (5) mail fraud; (6) perjury; and (7) wire fraud. The ex-judges all gave a not-guilty plea. More testimonies will be given in forthcoming hearings.

Source: Philly Trib Com



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