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Last week, a woman was arrested by Del Police after she was involved in a single-car crash that happened to be her 4th DUI charge..

The crash occurred at around 10:10 o’clock in the afternoon of Thursday along the New Rd. adjacent to the Old Orchard Rd. in Lewes.

Investigators identified the suspect as Jean M. Steiner, age 42, who was behind her wheel in a Chevy Suburban when the vehicle veered off to the south side of the roadway. In her attempt to steer the SUV back onto the roadway, the car overturned and finally stopped in the middle of the road upside-down.

EMS delivered in driver to the Medical Center of Beebe where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Steiner was then charged by State Police of Delaware for her 4th Offense Driving under the Influence of Alcohol. Her three previous convictions happened on: (1) 1/3/09; (2) 9/25/10; and (3) 4/11/11). Aside from DUI, her other charges included failure to, to possess insurance; to possess registration and to stay at the single lane.

DOT in Delaware, however, noticed that arrests for DUI cases have greatly reduced since the start of this year; however, the cause of the decline remains unclear.

Take a look at the following statistics:

  • Number of Arrests: 2012: 4,044; 2013: 3,537; 2014: 3,101
  • First Time Arrests: 2012: 2,542; 2013: 2,180; 2014: 1,943
  • Repeat Offenders: 2012: 1,502; 2013: 1,357; 2014: 1,158

However, a close look would show a major contradiction to these numbers. This summer, the number of accidents actually increased in comparison to last summer. According to the Highway Safety Office, the method of enforcement might be one good reason for this contradiction for they have installed less number of DUI checkpoints this year compared to the past years.

In 2013, the period for picked-up enforcement was between July and December, where the OHS planned 50 checkpoints, but actually only 30 were set up. However this year, OHS planned only 27 DUI checkpoints but so far there are only 9 of them.

OHS Allison Kirk believed that the reduction in number of checkpoints is one of the good methods towards handling speed-based accidents using only their limited resources.

She said that they have studied the data for everything considering the funds available. It showed that speed related data has increased over the last couple years so that this year, they have started focusing on speed.

Kirk added that it is also difficult to get adequate police officers to volunteer watching these checkpoints, which is long and laborious work.

Kirk said that she is elated by the decrease in arrests and believed that this is the fruit of their effort against drunk driving.

She said that at least hard-working police force deserves some credit and that the public should be aware of this improvement. Probably, drivers have realized that drinking and driving do not mix. She hopes that they are hearing, understanding and becoming more responsible drinkers.

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Source: WBOC Com

Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com


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