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Bensalem Pa. – After police caught him pilfering from other vehicles in the parking lot of the Parx Casino, Bensalem authorities apprehended the thief.

Bensalem police reported that they were able to arrest the suspect who allegedly stole a vehicle then fled from the scene after he was caught stealing from other cars in Parx Casino parking lot.

Last Monday, Casino’s security observed a man pilfering from cars parked in the lot and immediately called the police. Authorities responded immediately to the call from the parking lot at 2999 St. Rd. in Bensalem.

Before the police arrived, the suspect entered a Nissan white Frontier with Pa. registration YXS-8810 and fled from the parking lot at a top rate of speed. The police pursued the car and in the registration check, they learned the car was stolen from the parking lot of Wells Fargo three days ago.

The vehicle exited the wrong way toward Richlieu Road, while two officers tried to stop the car by turning on their lights and sirens. The policemen’s maneuvers did not stop the Nissan as its driver continued south towards Richlieu reaching Street Rd. and ended into the parking lot of Faust Elementary School.

Police caught up with the suspect who was identified as David Breslin; he was taken into police custody, where it was then they discovered that he was driving on a suspended license.

Authorities found out that aside from stealing the car from the parking lot of Wells Fargo, he also is also pilfered stuff from other two cars on the 29th of September; two thefts from the casino on the 27th of Sept’; and one theft from the casino on the 23rd of the same month.

Charges filed against Breslin are: (1) thievery by unlawful taking of goods; (2) , receiving stolen property; (3) using without permission a motor vehicle; (4) running away and avoiding police; (5)  five counts of stealing vehicle & receiving stolen property; and (6) several other traffic offenses.

Police confirmed that they responded to call of a security officer from the Parx Casino parking lot that is located at 2999 St. Rd. about a male pilfering stuff from autos in the parking lot.

Breslin was later apprehended and identified as the thief of vehicle on September 27 in Philadelphia. After investigation, he admitted committing two other thieveries from the vehicles parked autos in Parx Casino on the 29th, two theft from autos from the Casino on the 27th and one more from auto parked on the Casino lot on the 23rd.  His loot included U.S. currency, sunglasses, and other personal items.

Now he is facing charges for theft by unlawful taking & receiving stolen property; using a motor vehicle without authority; running and escaping from police; theft by vehicle & receiving stolen goods for 5 counts; and many more.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com


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