Red light cameras turned on first Philly suburbs
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Abington Township, Montgomery County announced that happy days for red light camera violators will be passé as warning period ends on Wednesday. Starting this date, any red light violator will receive a $100 fine.

Last August 1, the Twp. of Abington became the first suburb in Philly to use red light cameras.

More than two years ago, the law allowed the cameras to be installed outside of Philadelphia but only the Twp. of Abington voted the installation of the device last April.

This community north of Philadelphia will be the first suburb in the state to use the red-light cameras under a new law that is now allowing the use of this device outside Pennsylvania’s largest city. Last year, state law allowed the cities of Abington, Pittsburgh and 11 other municipalities to opt installing the devices. Although the other communities discussed the idea, but so far, only Abington is the only community to go through with it.

A township official stated that the police will have problems catching red light violators as intersections are not well-designed for the purpose.

Some Abington citizens are concerns about the red light camera program; although they have heard how other towns installed red light cameras improve road safety.

Resident of Abington, John DiPrimio operates a small business but he believes that the red light camera is a hindrance for driver to practice his due process. In other cases, the accused comes face-to-fact with his/her accuser when charged with a crime. But these cameras will not give the defense the opportunity for cross examination since it is only a machine.

The vote to install red light cameras was almost 100% as only one of the commissioners was against the idea.

Abington Township commissioners voted 14-1 during last September’s season. They agreed to install the devices at three of the busy intersections. Last October, the town got its final approval from PennDot.

During a 60-day grace period, the cameras recorded all violations but drivers were only sent warning notices. The grace period expires October 1 so after this date; violators will be issued $100 tickets.

Abington Township installed these cameras at three of its busy intersections.

Abington officials are confident that the cameras will motivate drivers to think twice before deciding to run a red light; consequently, reduce accidents in the area.

Chief Bill Kelly of the Abington Police told AAA that chosen sites for the red light cameras were locations where: (1) there are many significant red light violations; (2) many road accidents resulting to injuries: and (3) red light violation accidents.

These three intersections have been chosen for red-light cameras: Route 63/ Moreland & Fitzwatertown Roads; Route 611/ Old York & Susquehanna Roads; and Route 611/Old York & Old Welsh Roads.

Revenues earned from the program will be used to reimburse the Twp. for the expenses of the actual program expenses to include equipment and personnel costs. The red-light program is good for a year after which officials will evaluate its effectiveness and vote whether to extend the program.

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Source: NBC Philadelphia Com

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