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Although Pennsylvania is not doing a good job like most other states in warding off repeatedly drunk drivers from the road, the problem is even worse in Philadelphia.

Although, the reason might be a heavier city caseload, that oftentimes causes driver’s to commit string of offenses that are bundled as one during a trial. The situation is even compounded by the ruling of the state Supreme Court that mandated drivers committing multiple DUI arrests be considered always as a first-time offense.

Around the city of Philly, it is noted that using the “interlock” devices that keep offenders behind the wheels while drunk is very lower. This was attributed by court officials to the fact that attribute the lower figure for interlock licenses in part to the city’s higher poverty level that many Philadelphians have low income and cannot afford the devices so they would rather not drive at all. And for some years, Philadelphia made a failure of convicting and jailing many drivers whose licenses were already suspended due to convictions of DUI.

Based on records, Philadelphia DUI cases have less jail time; in other words, there are short jail terms even for “bundled” cases. To make a comparison, “bundled” cases are far more likely in Philadelphia: sentences of three days or less = 52% in Philadelphia versus 15% in Pa. suburbs. In terms of a month or more are far more likely in the suburbs: sentences of 30 days or more=29% in Philadelphia versus 71% in Pa. suburbs.

Under the state law, drivers convicted of DUI for the 2nd time are required to use an interlock device in their vehicle for a year. In Pennsylvania, they do not mandate the device for first-time offenders.

Between 2006 and later years, nearly 1/3 of the ticketed motorists who were ticketed for DUI are considered as fugitives. Tickets carry a jail term for 60 days after conviction; however, only very few like only one convicted among five ticket offenders results in jail time.

Only few states, such as Pennsylvania required a conviction is before taking a license away for DUI.

The state made its handling to drunken driving stiffer a decade ago; this was supported by MADD. Pennsylvania then lowered the level of BAC level required for an impaired driver. At the same time, it increased jail time especially for those who repeatedly drive under the influence.

If you arrested for DUI in the state, you are more likely to wind up back on the road drunk compared with other states. The NHTS made a study last March covering across the country and discovered that one out every four people convicted for DUI was a repeat offender. Across the state, drunk drivers hike their legal counsels that likely exploited weaknesses in the wording of the state law and the way it is enforced. However, it is in Philadelphia that these loopholes are bigger for the guilty to escape. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office agrees that they could be partly blamed for lenient application of the law.

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