Another Middlesex County employee of Sheriff’s Office caused distracted driving car accident
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New Brunswick – The Sheriff’s Office of Middlesex County is again investigating another report that one of its employees was the cause of a car accident due to  distracted driving.

One of Sheriff’s Officers, identified as Ed Francoeur, age 33, admitted that he ran through a red sign along a section of Colonia at Woodbridge last Oct. 29, when a teen driver T-bone his county-owned vehicle. However, a report of the crash did not mention Francoeur was issued a ticket or received responding summons from police and no injuries were reported.

This incident marked a distracted-driving incident by an employee in the Sheriff’s Office for the second time in two years. You will recall that Sheriff Mildred Scott, last year, penalized an investigator in the Sheriff office who blew through stop light along Piscataway while reported to be using his mobile.

The investigator was reprimanded by Scott starting with an extended suspension and finally termination; that became the subject of a lawsuit filed last year by Dominick Semenza, past investigator, who claimed that his rights is violated by Scott who forced him to submit the call 0records of his personal cell phone.

Semenza was one among several present and past employees reprimanded or terminated by Scott has reprimanded or terminated in a debatable effort to eliminate the people in her department she considered lawbreakers, including those employees involved in the scam about jobs-for-cash of the former Sheriff Joseph Spicuzzo.

Scott and the county are sued by several employees arguing that the Sheriff is going over boundary and for being unfair and selective in targeting employees.

Scott declined to comment on the ongoing of the Francoeur’s accident.

Scott stated that she is very much aware of the accident that happened to the officer. For the present, she reported that paperwork is being completed but investigation is going on.

According to the Woodbridge Police, Francoeur was traveling northward along Roosevelt Ave. at about 12:35 o’clock noon while a driver, age 17 was traveling eastbound along Central and has the right of way.

The police officer form the scene reported that Francoeur was going over some paperwork, did not notice the stop sign and he entered the intersection and it was his fault for not observing the stop sign.

The accident occurred June 21 of last year where in Francoeur admitted to the police that he ran a red light because he was distracted getting a call with headquarters. Semenza was neither issued a ticket nor receive summons.

The superior’s of Semenza believed that he was lying since the victim of the crash told the police that he saw Semenza looking down at what appeared to be his mobile.

Semenza and his attorney were ordered by Scott to produce his cell phone records, to prove the claim that he had been using his cell phone at the time of the accident for the they are trying to cover this up.  Joseph Iko who was Semenza’s partner, was suspended for five days by Scott, who believed that he had lied for his partner.

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