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Leaving Philadelphia behind, on your daily commute home to Upper Darby, brings you a feeling of relaxation and freedom. You know that soon you will be home. Approaching Upper Darby, you may be looking forward to having some delicious pot roast for dinner, or putting on your favorite TV show. As you daydream about putting you feet up and changing into your pajamas, you glance into your rearview mirror and see a police cruiser. The cruiser switches their lights on, and before you know it you have been issued a speeding ticket. In the final minutes of your drive down Township Line Road, your mood switches from carefree to stressed. Thoughts of a warm dinner have been replaced with the dread of dealing with a speeding ticket, and you begin to think about the large fine you will have to pay.

Unfortunately, a traffic ticket is more than just a fine. Even if you have never been pulled over before, a traffic ticket will cost you money in fines, insurance rate increases, points on your license, and possibly even your driving privileges. Many drivers do not realize the long term negative effects of a traffic ticket and simply pay the fine. While paying the fine may stop the payment reminders from coming in the mail, it won’t stop your insurance company from raising your monthly payment. Simply paying the fine doesn’t solve your problem, and won’t prevent points being added to your license.

Traffic Tickets Are Serious

Drivers who choose not to pay the fine, and to fight the traffic ticket in court, often think they can manage the process themselves. Little do they know, traffic court in Upper Darby requires a lot of time. There are long waits, many different forms to be filled out, and traffic court judges who aren’t lenient when it comes to the law. It can often be difficult for a driver to convince the judge that law enforcement incorrectly issued the ticket. Most of the time, drivers waste a lot of time and effort in Upper Darby traffic court, only to still face the charges and penalties they attempted to change. Avoid missing work, wasting your time, and presenting your own case;  our qualified traffic ticket lawyers can do all of the time consuming work for you.

An Upper Darby traffic ticket attorney will work with you to provide the best representation for your case. They will go to traffic court, so you don’t have to. An experienced traffic ticket attorney will have a working relationship with prosecutors and judges; and will be able to present your case and work with them on lessening or removing fines and penalties. Besides knowing how to work through the traffic courts, a traffic ticket attorney understands traffic law and procedure. They will know where to look for problems in law enforcement’s procedure, spot faulty radar detection equipment, and understand local road conditions. With the help of an Upper Darby traffic ticket attorney, your case will have the best chance in traffic court.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a traffic ticket is no big deal. Protect your budget, driving privileges, and peace of mind by discussing your case with an Upper Darby traffic ticket attorney today. 

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