Red Hill District Court 38-2-02

If you have been summoned to appear in your local district court in Montgomery County, you need to prepare your defense with the assistance of an experienced lawyer. The types of cases handled in district courts, which are also called magisterial courts, may be referred to as “minor” offenses, but they can have serious effects on you and your family if you are convicted. As a result, you need to be as confident as possible going into your court date, which you can achieve with the help of your attorney.

District courts serve particular voting districts within counties. The district court that you will be summoned to will depend on where you live. There are usually several district courts within each county, so read your notice or summons to appear carefully to understand which court you have been scheduled to appear in.

Pennsylvania district courts are the first to hear specific types of cases. These include summary criminal offenses, traffic violations, municipal code offenses, landlord tenant suits, and small claims of under $12,000 in value.


Red Hill District Court

The district court in Red Hill, District Court District Court 38-2-02, covers several different boroughs and townships and the voting districts within them. These boroughs and townships are: East Greenville Borough, Green Lane Borough, Pennsburg Borough, Red Hill Borough, Marlborough Township, Salford Township, Upper Hanover Township, and Upper Salford Township.

The address of District Court 38-2-02 is 80 H Gravel Pike, Suite 100 in Red Hill. The phone number is 215-679-5811, and the fax number is 215-679-7561. The court is presided over by the Honorable Judge Catherine M. Hummel Fried.

There are certain kinds of offenses that fall within the categories of district court cases that are common, and it is likely that you have been charged with one of these offenses if you have a court date in district court. These offenses include summary criminal offenses, examples of which are: loitering, underage drinking, harassment, disorderly conduct, shoplifting, and drinking and driving. The offenses can also include traffic violations, some examples of which are: failure to yield, ignoring red lights or stop signs, speeding, or even driving with a suspended license.

In district court, you will have to be present for your traffic hearing, arraignment, preliminary criminal hearing, or non-jury trial, depending on the offense and what step you are at in the process. Your attorney can also help you understand what hearing you are expected to attend, and what you need to do to prepare.

If you have been arrested or issued a citation or ticket for one of these offenses, give our offices a call as soon as you can. By contacting us quickly, you can ensure that you and your lawyer have as much time as possible before your scheduled court date to prepare. Your lawyer will help you develop a strong defense to present to Judge Fried, in order to have your penalties reduced or your charges dropped. If you do not want to face hundreds of dollars in fines or even weeks or months in jail, developing a strong defense with your experienced lawyer is your best chance at ensuring that you do not have to suffer the full extent of a conviction in district court.

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