Other Traffic Tickets in Pennsylvania

The most common types of traffic tickets are speeding tickets and red light or stop sign ticket. Many people do not think of reckless driving or careless driving as offenses that could result in a traffic offense, but these offenses can result in penalties that are just as serious as the other kinds of traffic tickets you could be issued.

The main difference between reckless and careless driving is the intent of the driver. A reckless driver must have a “wilful or wanton disregard” for the safety of other drivers, whereas a careless driver is merely negligent in regards to the safety of other drivers.

Reckless driving will result in a $200 fine and a mandatory license suspension. Careless driving will result in three points being added to your driving record and a fine of $250 if there is an accident involving serious bodily injury. These expenses can be extremely high for a single traffic ticket.

However, a reckless or careless driving charge can be difficult to prove in some cases. The police officer is making a judgment call about your state of mind when you were driving when they issued you a reckless or careless driving ticket. Your experienced Pennsylvania traffic ticket attorney will help you find evidence to show that you do not deserve the reckless or careless driving charge and can help you get your penalties reduced when your case goes to traffic court.

In addition to reckless or careless driving, there are numerous other tickets that you can receive as a result of a traffic violation. Below is a list of other traffic tickets and their corresponding point values:

As these points accumulate,  you may be facing having your license suspended. In addition to these points being added to your driving record, many of these tickets also come with fines. And in some cases, your car insurance company may increase your premiums as a result of your ticket, which can create another financial burden on your family.

If you have gotten any of these traffic tickets, you need to contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible. Our lawyers can assist you with your case.

By pleading not guilty to your ticket, you will be assigned a traffic court date. We will work with you throughout the court hearing and will help you convince the judge to reduce your penalties or dismiss your ticket entirely. Give our offices a call today to ensure that you have plenty of time to work with your lawyer and prepare for your hearing.

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