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Some suburbs make an effort to be livable communities; others are not much more than bedroom conglomerations. Hatboro, Pa., was recently voted one of the “Best Places to Live in the U.S.,” evidence of its effort to create a true community and provide the kind of public services and resources that residents rave about.

Horsham, right next door, proudly guards its status as a municipality even though it keeps “township” in its name. Both Hatboro and Horsham have been able to attract numerous businesses with considerable clout.

One result of that ability to lure businesses and corporations to their borders, coupled with the high livability index, is that traffic has increased in recent years in the Hatboro-Horsham area. The region around Philadelphia as a whole can get very bogged down when workers are going into and out of the city, and now people drive from all sides of Philadelphia to work in Hatboro-Horsham.

Some commuters need to zip up I-95 east of town; many others take the famed Pennsylvania Turnpike that runs along Hatboro-Horsham’s southern border. The Turnpike has been a useful artery for decades in the state, but it has many treacherous stretches that need repair, and winter driving can be a true challenge for several months each year. High accident rates along the Turnpike prove the difficulty of navigating this long ribbon, especially when there is a long line of cars in your lane and fog or snow are impairing visibility and reducing traction.

When the weather is nicer and you get an early start on your commute, it can be very easy to not notice your speed or get strung along in a pack of vehicles all headed to work. When you feel like a fish swimming in a large school, it can be effortless to run a red light or speed, especially if you get behind one of the many trucks that are crossing the state or heading north or south to eventually join I-95.

You might think that you’re guilty of your alleged infraction, but you should consider your options before mailing in your fine, which is in essence a final admission of guilt. Even if the fine is not huge, it could cost you much more in the long term because of points assessed to your driving record and the resulting higher insurance premiums.

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Speeding fines can set into motion a costly domino effect. Before you agree with the charging officer that you are completely guilty, consider these possibilities: 1) The police officer was using the new LIDAR technology with little or no training and made a critical error. These LIDAR guns, which use laser beams, are extremely sensitive and must be pointed at the right part of a vehicle to gauge an accurate speed. 2) The officer used VASCAR technology, which is basically a stopwatch hooked up to a computer. In triggering the stopwatch too late, the officer misread your speed over a given portion of the road. 3) The machines used in either of these scenarios were not fit for use by a law enforcement agency due to their lack of maintenance.

As you can see, the possibilities for error are almost too numerous to count. A Hatboro-Horsham speeding ticket lawyer can help you quickly identify numerous potential flaws with your speeding charge, including an angle that the officer had a lack of training in using certain speed detection technologies. With the abundant opportunities for error on the part of an officer, hiring a good Hatboro-Horsham traffic ticket lawyer could end up saving you a lot of money, time and points not added to your driving record.

Before paying your fine, call for a consultation with a Hatboro-Horsham traffic ticket attorney to examine your options when dealing with a traffic ticket. Who knows? You could be just a few points away from losing your license, which could lead to a job loss.

Contact a Hatboro-Horsham traffic ticket lawyer to examine your potential for a case and to give you valuable counsel regarding your choices in the matter. A trained professional who knows traffic law and how modern technology can go wrong in speed detection can help you to guard your driving record, hang on to your disposable cash and keep your job.

The small investment that you make in a top Hatboro-Horsham traffic ticket attorney will most likely be less than paying your fine and the elevated insurance premiums that follow for years to come. Make the wise choice and get a Hatboro-Horsham speeding ticket lawyer on your side.


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