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A Pennsylvania traffic lawyer can help you get off that charge

It is a well known fact that speeding tickets and traffic violation citations earn Pennsylvania city a lot of money. All it takes is to hand out those tickets, whether they were justified or not and, more often or not, the luckless victim pays the fine simply because it seems the easier option.

But you don’t really believe that, do you? You are surely thinking that there must be another way around being charged for something you don’t think you did. Here are some things to consider, if you didn’t know already.

Paying a fine is really not that simple. For a start, it doesn’t let you off the hook. You will be considered guilty of that offense and there will be a number of penalties which may be attached to admitting guilt. You may not be aware of exactly what these might be.

The real cost of not fighting a speeding ticket or citation here in Pennsylvania can be a very expensive option, especially when you weigh up the alternative, which is to use a Pennsylvania traffic lawyer to help fight the dubious charge which you have been handed

If you don’t believe us, why not come down to our office and ask for a quotation and find out exactly what you would have to pay if you go for the “guilty” option. In most cases, you will find that it is a lot cheaper to pay our fee and come out with a clean record.

For a start, when you pay the fine, there may be points added to your license. You may then find that you have enough points for your license to be suspended for a period or it may be suspended anyway, because of the nature of the charge against you. In some cases, you may even find that you could spend time in a city jail.

There’s more! If you lose your license and need your auto to get to work or need it for work, you will have to find alternatives, which could prove very expensive, especially if this means getting a cab everywhere you go.

Thousands of drivers and motorcycle riders get handed a speeding ticket every day in Pennsylvania. This doesn’t mean they were speeding, because the detection system is not fool proof. There are errors involved and you may not have been the person they caught on camera or radar or the device may have been faulty. Most people end up paying up simply because it seems so much easier than the alternative, even if they don’t think they were speeding at the time. Wrong move! Owning up to an offense when you didn’t do it simply because it seems cheaper or easier doesn’t make sense and won’t do you any good.

Just add up what it might cost you. First, there is the fine. Next, you will have points added to your license. The more you were alleged to be over the limit, the more points are loaded on to your license. Anything up to five points go on your license, but you can get 2 points even if you were only 5 mph over!

If you were in an active work zone when you were alleged to be speeding, then you will lose your license for 15 days, as well.

That’s 15 days you pay extra for getting to and from work

Next, you may find that your auto insurance premium goes up. This is not automatic and is up to your company’s policy, so check it out if you are not sure what they would do.

If you were confident that you were not speeding at the time you got the ticket, then it may be far more cost effective to let a Pennsylvania traffic lawyer fight your charge on your behalf.

Red light or stop sign violation? Fight the charge with a Philly traffic attorney

Usually, it is a police officer who will pull you over if he or she thinks you have gone through a red light or failed to yield a right of way or stop at a stop sign. This can be open to interpretation and just because you get given a ticket doesn’t automatically mean you did anything wrong. The penalties are similar to speeding, so can mount up to be more substantial than you might think. In addition, you may also get slapped with a reckless driving ticket if the officer feels like it, too.

It may be in your very real interests to get help from a Pennsylvania traffic lawyer to help you fight the charge or charges and clear your record. Don’t forget that if you are thinking of paying a fine just to get the whole matter out of the way, you will be considered guilty of that offense and you will have to accept all the penalties that go with it.

The only time we don’t take on a red light offense is when somebody has been caught on an automatic traffic camera. There are a lot of these in Pennsylvania and in our view it is not really worth fighting the charge if one of these cameras has caught you going through a red light. The photos are usually quite clear evidence and if you pay the fine then you don’t get any additional points, so all round it is a cheaper option than trying to fight it

Have you been charged with either careless or reckless driving?

If you have been charged with careless or reckless driving and you think you are innocent, then you may have joined a growing number of Pennsylvania citizens who have been given citations for either of these charges when it is not really justified.

Both careless and reckless driving charges are used against anybody who is considered to have endangered a member of the public or property by the way they drive, The only real difference between the charges is that reckless drivers are considered to have knowingly driven dangerously.

These offenses are serious charges in this state. If you are proven guilty of either of them, then you will certainly pay a hefty fine and may also face a period of up to three months in jail. You will also gain points on your license and may see your license suspended for a considerable period.

There is no point in stressing the obvious fact that either of these charges are worth fighting, if you feel that they are unjustified. Contact a traffic violation attorney today!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these laws as anybody who is seriously endangering other people’s lives should be punished. However, there has been a tendency for some city law enforcement officers to hand out careless or even reckless driving citations in very dubious circumstances.

For instance, you could be waiting in a traffic queue on your way home from work and while some time away reading a kindle or talking to your partner on the phone. This can be considered as careless driving by some police officers as you could be seen as being distracted from doing what you should be doing behind the wheel. There are a whole number of things that could be considered as careless driving and in some circumstances the charge could simply be unsustainable if it was successfully taken up by one of out traffic lawyers.

Consider the alternative to fighting a dubious infringement: fines, points and the added expense of paying for transport if you lose your license as well as more insurance next time around. It really doesn’t add up economically.

Some drivers love speeding which is the shortest way to end up either in jail or in the life hereafter. For this reason, the most common identified moving violation in traffic is a speeding ticket. You may just pay the penalty and accept the consequence or if you want to prove that you do not deserve a ticket, you have a long way to go.

It is a fact that for drivers, there is only one way of speeding but the patrol officers have various options to measure your speed. There are at least five common ways do this but not all are permitted in all places. For example, in California, using timing contraptions over c distances are banned and VASCAR is forbidden; it also disallows the use of radar on some roads. In the state of Pennsylvania, only state police, not the local law enforcement, has the option to use radar; VASCAR are allowed if the speed limit posted on the road is 10 MPH or more.

A police officer can issue a speeding ticket after pacing a suspected speeder and using his speedometer to measure the speed. To use this technique, the law requires the officer to maintain a certain distance between his cruiser and the car being followed in order to make an accurate estimate of speed. Most states rule that officer can verify speed by keeping a certain distance in following the car. In reality, even in places which do not specify the need for pacing, traffic officer follows the car for a reasonable distance before getting down to estimate speed.

As a driver, you should realize that pacing is not perfect and accurate in estimating speed. There are obstacles along the way as the terrain of the road or stop signs, road lights and lots more along the way that can help prove that the officer have not been following you long enough. For instance, an officer follows your car a few hundred meters behind but often he loses sight of the vehicle as you negotiated a curve. So you can use this claim to prove that the distance was inadequate for him to pace the vehicle properly. In like manner, if you were issued a ticket within 500 feet of your starting point from a stop sign or road light, the officer cannot prove that he had been pacing your car from a reasonable distance.

To determine an accurate pace, the distance of the police cruiser and your vehicle must be equal during the entire time he was observing you. The officer’s speedometer reading is useless if he is driving faster than you. Officers are given good training in bumper pacing a car for the purpose. The most accurate pace is possible only when the officer is right behind you. But patrol officers prefer to stay at a distance from the car.

When you testify in traffic court, your most effective tactic would be to show that the officer was far enough to get an accurate speed of your car. In your final argument, stressed that the officer was closing in on you to get your speed. If he stays too far, it is impossible to get an accurate speed measurement and if gets too close, the speed would still be inaccurate as the car’s speed will now change to keep a safe distance from the oncoming vehicle. Either way, if the cruiser is near or far; it cannot measure speed accurately.

Pacing is difficult when light is diminishing at dusk or in the dark. Unless the cruiser is right at your tail but will be subject to the rule. At night, the only clue used by the police is your tail light. It is difficult to determine speed if the officer is just following a pair of taillights at a distance.

Pacing is very easy and most accurate when traveling on a straight road, without any obstacles and where the officer can view your car all the time. It is then easy for the officer to keep his patrol cruiser at a proper distance to properly pace your speed. But when his view is obstructed due to hills, freeway interchange, dips, curves, traffic and busy intersections; accuracy is impossible. You can make use of these obstacles to prove that the speed taken by the officer is inaccurate.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer. Protect right to drive legally.

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