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Doylestown, Pa., is one of several county seats that have reacted to the scourges of the decline of the “Rust Belt” in positive ways. Rather than sit idly by and let long-time residents flee south, Doylestown remade itself in the 1990s, capitalizing on its attraction for tourists and rebuilding the downtown.

Several historic sites were spruced up and re-opened, and the coveted designation as a resort town further speeded development and commerce. Located just 27 miles north of Philadelphia but seemingly a world away due to its quiet and calm, Doylestown now has a daily rhythm that indicates urban health, but not the extreme congestion of Philadelphia.

Prosperous Bucks County also helps to keep Doylestown vital as many dollars flow into the county coffers and people drive from miles around to take care of county business, spending money downtown as they do.

All of this new action has brought tens of thousands of new motorists to the region. They jump on the Doylestown Bypass (Route 611) to get out of the city on the west side or take Route 202 to come in or out of the hub. The intersection between these two major roads ends up clogged more days than not, for example.

On these more crowded roadways, it can be very easy to lose track of your speed when racing in a pack of cars, and it also requires almost no effort to get caught in an intersection when the light turns red. Both of these situations can lead, of course, to a traffic ticket with a heavy fine.

You might instinctively conclude that you are guilty of your traffic offense and be ready to mail in your fine or go online quickly to admit your guilt and pay your fine. However, being a good citizen also means standing up for your rights, and chances are an error could have occurred when your speed was recorded.

That’s why it’s a good idea to contact a good Doylestown traffic ticket attorney. You see, the fine that you pay could be only the beginning of your troubles. You could also have points tacked onto your driving record and insurance premiums that balloon, which make a speeding ticket the gift that continues to take from your bank account long after it was given.

Take a look at these possible scenarios that a good Doylestown speeding ticket lawyer can raise to help build a winning case for you: 1) The police officer did not have proper training to use the LIDAR technology for speed detection. S/he pulled the trigger on the sophisticated gun, and when s/he did, it pointed downward, giving a reading of two different spots on your vehicle, which is completely invalid. The laser beam from the gun might have even come into contact with the tall truck in front of you, even though the officer had you dead in his/her aim. 2) The officer might not have had the proper re-certification and advanced training to use VASCAR technology, which requires precise timing to push the stopwatch to measure your speed in a given zone. Or, the aircraft used to observe you and time your speed might have had difficulty seeing the painted lines on the road. Perhaps it was even cloudy on the day of your ticket, raising huge questions about visibility and the resulting viability of your charge. 3) The radar used by the officer was not properly calibrated, having been poorly maintained by the department for years. Thus, its ability to measure speed was completely compromised.

A good Doylestown speeding ticket lawyer knows all of the angles that can be pursued in your favor. That’s why you should call an attorney before dutifully putting that check in the mail. Better to give an effort to fight your speeding ticket than to have points tacked onto your driving record, which could result in the forfeiture of your license in some cases.

That loss could lead to another bigger loss: your job. Many contracts call for the employee to have a valid driver’s license to continue employment in a given enterprise.

Stop the domino effect of a traffic ticket before it starts by contacting a skilled Doylestown traffic attorney. Don’t let a faulty reading or innocent running of a red light cost you your hard-earned money in the short and long term. A quality Doylestown traffic ticket lawyer can keep your driving record clean, your insurance premiums stable and your job secure, well worth the investment.

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