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Before you simply pay a fine for your traffic ticket, be sure to consider the kinds of penalties you will be facing. Consider your options first.




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Our attorneys know the best way to approach your ticket and can help you prepare for your traffic court hearing. By pleading not guilty and presenting your case to a judge, you have the ability to convince the judge to greatly reduce your penalties, or even to dismiss your ticket and the charges against you.

Protect Your License!

Simple math dictates that more drivers are facing a very dangerous downward spiral in today’s hyper-enforced legal climate on the roads.

More tickets=more repeat violations=more points on your record=more surcharges=higher chance of losing your license and, perhaps, your job.

Don’t think that potential employers will wink at your checkered traffic ticket history, especially if you don’t fight any of the tickets and end up with hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and numerous citations on your record. In today’s laggard economy, an employer will choose the applicant that has a clean driving record over the one who seems to be a terror on the streets every time, if the qualifications for the two match.

In addition, some industries actually have stipulations written into their contracts that mandate immediate dismissal if a DUI ticket is earned, for instance. Why would someone not call a traffic ticket attorney when they run afoul of the law when fees are mere pennies on the dollar when future consequences are totaled?

Our success rate is often due to a careful focus of a traffic ticket lawyer’s efforts, either in overcrowded and busy courtrooms that desire quick settlements or in jurisdictions that have busy police departments with officers who can’t attend hearings when called.

Why Hire A lawyer?

Save Time

Avoid court and traffic school.

Save Money

Keep your insurance premiums down.

Protect Your License

Avoid DMV points and preserve your right to drive.

Get Results

Reduce your penalty, or even have your case dismissed.
We Help PA Drivers Bbeat Their Traffic Tickets
Contact one of our experienced traffic ticket attorneys as soon as you receive your ticket just like many of our other satisfied clients.

Sumanth Madagani

We both were like a team through entire process

Emily Slutsky

His rate is reasonable and well worth the cost. I would highly recommend his services.

Jamal Robinson

I was extremely impressed! I would definitely recommend him to anyone going to traffic court.

We Can Help You

A driver in should avoid getting a traffic ticket even for a minor traffic violation at all costs. A collection of six points on your driving license in PA means the risk of license suspension. If your driving privileges are withheld as a penalty, you might have to pay a large sum of money to reinstate your license.

Why Choose Our Traffic Lawyers?


Personalized and professional legal counsel that will defend your rights.


Decades of experience and expertise backed by a proven defense strategy.


Contact us today to review your case and let our traffic lawyers take it from there.

Our success rate is due to the careful focus of our traffic ticket lawyer’s efforts. In many instances, the threat of a jury trial in some locales further motivates judges to keep traffic cases moving along and not waste more of the courts precious time and money. All of these factors work in a motorist’s favor, particularly when represented by one of our traffic ticket lawyers.

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