Reckless versus Careless Driving in Pennsylvania

Reckless driving is the way any person drives any vehicle in such a deliberate or perverse way completely disregarding the safety of persons or property. is guilty of reckless driving. Any driver violating Penn Code 3737 is guilty of this offense and if convicted is sentenced and penalized to pay $200.

This type of violation usually accompanies a charge after a car accident due to texting while driving or talking on a cell phone while driving. Oftentimes  PennDOT penalty for reckless driving conviction is a suspension of a Pennsylvania driver’s license.

When a car operator drives in a thoughtless and licentious way, he/she has no concern for the value of people and things. No less, a serious offense that is often hard for prosecution to prove. But conviction for the offense also means a significant increase in the car’s insurance, aside from 6 month suspension of one’s driver’s license.

In some cases, reckless driving is reduced in rank to careless driving resulting of a plea bargain. A careless driving offense merits an addition of 3 points but not a driver license suspension.

If a driver is convicted under the reckless driving statute, the fine is about $200 fine and six-month suspension of driving privileges. However, if the transgression happens in an emergency response area that is managed by emergency responders, the amount is doubled which equals to $400.

Sometimes, prosecutors based on reckless driving statute can charge an offender eith just a number of tickets when behavior does not go beyond the ordinary mistakes in judgment. It is affected by the attitude of the driver regarding the way he feels on th loss of lives dur to his actions.

Often the two traffic infractions reckless driving and careless driving are considered as one but they are not identical but different from each other. The most outstanding difference between careless and reckless driving is the intention of the act. Reckless drivers have the intention and purpose of driving wantonly in total disregard for others. A good example is a car racing in a public street. Careless drivers do not have the intention to break a law but was not careful enough. An example is a driver falling asleep while driving after taking medication.

Both charges have potential penalties for a 90- day but differ in implementation and additional measures of punishment. Careless drivers merit a penalty of 3 points to be added to the driver’s license. Reckless driver is charged a fine of $200.

But when death or serious injury is the consequence of careless or reckless driving then the penalty is much heavier.  For example – a careless driver causing serious injuries to a person is imposed a $250 fine upon conviction.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced philly traffic ticket. Protect your right to drive legally.


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