Another Pennsylvania Turnpike scandal

On March 13, 2013, State Attorney General Kathleen Kane presented a grime scenario with the former state senator and former top officials playing important roles in a pay-to-play drama.

Key figures among the eight persons facing charges are Sen. Robert Mellow, a former state senator; Joseph Brimmeier, former Turnpike CEO; and Mitchell Rubin, the former chairman of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

Kane alleges that they have misused funds and stole millions of dollars from the citizens’ money and affected the election results. Contain in the presentment was the fact that public money was used to influence election results. According to the presentment, the usual practice was to solicit campaign contributions from the vendors and staff of Turnpike.

Their actions were brazen displays of greed without any qualm that one day they will be caught, Kane said.
According to the office of the Solicitor General, Mellow allegedly solicited contracts from his favored vendors and campaign supporters. Today, Mellow is incarcerated at a federal prison and serving a sentence for spending taxpayer funds to support his political campaigns.

It was in the hands of Brimmeier to make sure that the bids be awarded to particular vendors and expected contributions for election campaign from both turnpike vendors and staff, state prosecutors continued.
The other hand, Rubin exerted great influence in driving contract decisions and collecting campaign contributions, as contained in the grand jury report.

A closer look at all eight defendants showed how they conspire and worked together with each one contributing his best efforts to the success of the scheme.

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