Bus-car crash injures at least 11

Monday morning started with a collision between a SEPTA bus and a car which left 11 persons injured,

According to reports, 11 injured were sent to the hospital after an accident which occurred at the corner of 2nd street and Olney Avenue.

A SEPTA bus driver and 10 passengers were injured when the bus collided with a car near the intersection of North Second Street and West Olney Avenue this morning.

An early witness stated that the accident happened when a white sedan operated by a woman crashed into a SEPTA bus. The woman seemed to be driving at high speed and rushed through a red light,

The bus driver, one of the injured, hit his head. The bus had 10 passengers when it crashed several parked cars after hitting with the sedan.

The car, traveling a speed of 60 mph or greater, was speeding down the street when it collided with the buss. Although authorities were not yet able to determine specifically the speed of the car, it was certain that the woman was really driving in excess of the speed limit. As such, the driver becomes liable under the negligence per se theory, which implies that the operator was violating a law related to the prevention of that type of injury when the accident occurred.

Another significant fact was that she may have driven fast to beat the red light which would lead to this negligence theory.

Injuries among the victims were reported as non-life threatening injuries. At least current witness accounts showed that the fault was not on the SEPTA driver. The accident is under investigation by Philadelphia’s Accident Investigation Division, reports.

The accident occurred at about 8:15 o’clock in the morning at the city's Olney section. Two vehicles, a Route 18 bus collided with a car.

Witnesses saw that a car going north on Second Street ran a red light and smashed against a SEPTA bus and hitting at least one parked car.

When police arrived in the scene, a white sedan had its front end bashed in, the driver's door opened, and the truck lid popped.

None of the persons sustained critical injuries. According to SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch, the bus had to be towed away for repairs.

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