Child Safety Driving Laws

Statistics coming from the Nation’s Center for Health Statistics showed that the number one cause for children dying between the ages of three and 14 is road crashes. This is the reason why PennDOT strictly implements the Child Safety Seat Laws.

Every state in America has its own specific laws regarding the Child Safety Seat Law. It follows that all 50 states and the District of Columbia have legislated and implemented a form of some form of safety seat law for children. All of them, except three states, required the use of booster seats for those who have outgrown their kids’ seat belts but too small to use the adult size seat belt.

Laws in different states variable based on three factors: age, height and weight of the child. The general rule from each state mandated that all children, younger than eight years must be placed in a government-approved safety seat belt or booster for kids that are properly secured in place. The exception is given for kids who are taller than 4 feet and 9 inches.

Before you plan to travel with child, be sure to inquire which type of safety seat laws is found on each state. Law enforcement will issue citations if you disregard the law and will not accept ignorance as a reason. As parent, you have the responsibility to educate yourself on different state laws.

Traffic laws are very strict in the compliance of this law are also rigid when it comes to properly secure a seat belt. In most cases, a certified inspector will be able to determine is the proper kind for your kid, free of charge. You not lose anything if you take time to consult a certified inspector. You have to make the proper appointment to save time.

If you find consulting an inspector a waste of time, there are dire consequences. For example, the safety of your kid is at rick and you might do damage to your legal reputation. Having infringed the law is not easy for the penalty is stiff. First time offenders are charged as much as $400 to $500, depending upon the place where you are apprehended.

PennDOT, with its serious intention of looking after the safety of your children, is encouraging all parents to realize their role in protecting the lives of the young inside the vehicle. Parents should encourage children to buckle up before starting the engine. Younger children need parental assistance in buckling up properly.

The Child Passenger Safety Week is proclaimed every September with the joint efforts of the PennDOT, the highway safety partners and law enforcement officials for the success of the program.

During the celebration, specially-trained car seat technicians will be around to make certain that your car safety seats are easily installed.

Under the initial Pa. passenger children safety law, kids below four years must be properly retrained using a government- approved safety seat for children in any kind of vehicle. Four to eight year-old children must be properly installed on an appropriate booster seat. Those kids that eight to 18 must use seat belts like other adults inside the vehicle.

The right type of seat recommendations for children must be based on the following: the child’s age & size; and must be fitted in the appropriate type of vehicle; follow the specific instructions provided by the seat belt manufacturer; all specs stated in the manual must be strictly followed; maximize safety by letting kids as long as it is appropriate for his and height; and keep child at the back seat unless the child is above 12 years.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer for child safety. Protect right to drive legally.


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