Secane District Court 32-2-52

District courts can be found throughout the state of Pennsylvania -- in fact, Delaware County alone has thirty two district courts that each serve different areas within the county. There is a need for this many district courts, because they handle the most common kinds of cases and offenses. For example, district courts deal with summary criminal offenses, which include criminal mischief, harassment, disorderly conduct, loitering, shoplifting, and underage drinking. District courts also handle traffic violations, which include failing to yield, speeding, running a red light or a stop sign, driving with a suspended license, and some cases of DUI or DWI. In addition to these kinds of offenses, district courts also hear municipal code violations, small civil claims, and landlord tenant disputes.

Your experienced attorney will help you prepare before your assigned court date. After your arrest or when you get your traffic citation, you will receive a notice or a summons to appear in district court. At court, you will need to appear for an arraignment, a preliminary criminal hearing, a non-jury trial, or a traffic hearing. At this proceeding, the elected judge who presides over the district court will decide whether or not to convict you, and if so, what punishment or sentence to impose. With the help of an attorney, you can prepare a strong defense that will ensure you do not have to face the maximum penalty available for your charge.


Secane District Court

In Secane, Pennsylvania, the district court that serves the area is District Court 32-2-52. This district court is located in Delaware County and covers Upper Darby, Ward 1 (Precincts 4, 5, 6 and 7) and Ward 2. The address of the court is 409 Ashland Avenue, Suite 1 in Secane. To contact the court, call 610-622-8102 or send a fax to 610-622-8105. The court is presided over by the Honorable Judge Kelly A. Micozzie-Aguirre.

Judge Micozzie-Aguirre will be the one responsible for deciding whether you will be convicted in your district court hearing. This is why you need to have the best prepared defense available. A strong defense can convince the judge to reconsider your case and reduce the penalty that you are facing, or even just dismiss the case entirely.

It is in your best interest to have your penalty reduced, because even a first conviction of one of the offenses handled in district court can leave you having to pay hundreds of dollars in fines. You may even have to spend up to 90 days in jail if it is your first offense, and even up to 180 days if you have had a previous conviction in district court.


Experienced District Court Attorneys

Your attorney will be able to help you prevent these harsh penalties from being imposed on you in your district court hearing. Our lawyers have years of experience handling cases in Delaware County district courts, and that experience can help you in your case as well. If you call us as soon as you know when your assigned court date is, we will have plenty of time to work with you before your hearing, arraignment, or non-jury trial.

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