Driving and traffic laws in Pennsylvania

Driving and traffic laws are legislated to guide drivers and people on the road to act in such a manner that safety is insured. This is one of the most important jobs of every state. Like other states, PennDot establishes its traffic laws that give much weight on its point system to motivate safety habits of motorists and guarantee that roads are safe. Every driver is aware that points are added to his driving record for every infringement committed and corrective measures are in place when 6 points is reached.

Based on the driving law of Pa. when 6, the magic number is reached for the first time; the operator receives a memo to take a special point written exam. After the test is taken with success, the 6 points appearing in the license is reduced. However; when 6 is merited for the second time, the driver will have more hearings from the department and sanctions imposed to his right to drive.

Aside from these requirements, Pa’s traffic law suspends the driving privilege of an operator under 18 when 6 or more points are found in the driving record or the young motorist is found guilty of driving about 26 MPH or beyond the legal speed.

For the record, the initial suspension will last for 90 days and any additional event will increase the period to 120 days.

The incentive for motorists with no violation of any traffic laws will be a reduction of three (3) points for every 12 months from the points contained in the driving record. In this way, the motorist is safe from suspension or revocation of driving privileges.

As driving record goes back to zero and it stays at zero points for the next 12 months with no added accumulation; if ever an infringement is committed again, it will be treated like a first offense.

A partial listing is provided as reasons for a driver to have license suspended or revoked: driving a vehicle DUI or DWI; committing a crime using a vehicle; murder by vehicle; hit-and-run; driving recklessly; highway racing; driving sans light to avoid its presence to be known; running away from police officer; operating a vehicle with suspended license; a second violation for driving without license with 5-years; not obeying traffic laws affecting school bus and not obeying traffic laws affecting railroad gates.

As soon as the driving license is revoked or suspended, the recipient will get a written notice from the police. The suspended or revocation will take effect as soon as notice is received. It is followed by returning the suspended or revoked license to the Driver Licensing Bureau. In some instances, the police will pick up the license.

There will be no credit toward serving the time for suspension or revocation until the driver’s license is in the keeping of PennDOT.

In special cases when driver does not have any license, the following can be used instead: a Suspension Revocation Acknowledgement or known as the DL-16LC or it can be the acknowledged sanction affidavit that the license has been submitted to PennDOT.

According to PA traffic laws, drivers might make an appeal of the suspension/revocation of their license at the Common Pleas Court or Court of Civil Division in their county of residence. The appeal has a time limit for filing which should not go beyond 30 days from the date of mailing notice.

Aside from serving the requirements meted after suspending and revoking the driver’s license, the following must be accomplished before the driver’s license is given back: a payment fine proof of payment; receipt for payment of costs owed, proof of payment for insurance or other financial responsibility, and a payment of the restoration fee.

Following Pennsylvania driving law, after the restoration of driving privilege, the driving record retains the five points even if points appearing on the record prior to the suspension was higher; except in the cases of: teens involved in drinking; a suspension for 15 days resulting from the hearing of a six-point second accumulation and suspension due to failure to appear for a citation.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced traffic laws lawyer. Protect right to drive legally.


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