Girl (8) from Erie, Pennsylvania was hit by a speeding car

May 16, 2014 -- A little girl from Erie, Pennsylvania was hit by a speeding car and injured as a result of the accident. Cassidy Wall, age 8, says she is now afraid of cars.

Cassidy and her sister, Zmyiah, were playing outside their home on Friday, May 16. Cassidy was riding her scooter on the sidewalk on 29th Street and German Street when a car that was speeding away from the police ran into a parked car, which then hit her on her scooter and sent her into the air. Zmyiah was able to get out of the way in time, but Cassidy fell to the ground and landed on her head. If she had fallen to the ground any sooner, she would have been hit by the car again.

Cassidy suffered from a concussion, and her sister suffered from bruises. Cassidy and her family were traumatized after the freak accident, especially after watching the video of the incident, which depicts a light colored sedan spinning out of control and flinging Cassidy off of her scooter.

Two men connected to the crash have been charged. Angelo Moore, age 18, faces numerous charges, including speeding, attempting to elude police, and aggravated assault by vehicle, as well as possession of marijuana. Brandon Carlson, another man connected to the crash, faces drug and weapons charges. There is no evidence yet as to whether driving under the influence of drugs was a cause of the accident, although it is clear that the car’s high speed was intended to elude police.

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