Increased incidence of traffic accidents

In the year 2005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania deputized the American Traffic Solutions to give permission for the Arizona-based for-profit firm authority to issue traffic tickets at different intersections on behalf of the city. To present a positive ambiance, the logo of a red light video camera features a picture of the ubiquitous spy camera with the motto, Slow down and smile. We're keeping tabs so we can keep you safe.

Data for the last ten years provided by the DOT Penn showed that traffic has become less safe as the number of accidents have increased at the first two intersections using red light cameras.

The camera installed at the corner of Roosevelt Blvd. and Grant Ave. started its operation on June 2005. Until April of 2012, the camera has issued around 41,951 tickets worth and approximately $4,195,100. The Red Lion and Roosevelt Boulevard cameras started issuing tickets in September 2005. Since then, it has issued no less than 28,506 tickets netting $2,850,600. Despite an enormous income of more than $7,045,700 in combined tickets through April of 2012, roads accidents and injuries have in no way fizzled out.

Records showed that for the past five years (2000 to 3004), before the installation of the cameras, there were around 138 accidents happening at Grant Avenue. Five years after (2007-2011) with the cameras ticking, the number of mishaps was raised by 15% translated into 159 wrecks. Camera pros will dismiss increasing accident figures by claiming that they were all minor accidents, as fender benders or broken side mirrors. The data does not lie as there was an estimated 27% increased in the number of crashes compared to the period before.  Even angle collision records did not decrease as claimed.

The Red Lion Road location of another red light camera exhibits the same increase of an 18% results from 82 accidents to 100 accidents after cameras were operational. In the before period, there were 56 collisions involving an injury, a figure which grew to 80 in the after period. The number of angle collision was not reduced despite the promised by its proponents.

Philadelphia officials last year spent around $22,500 for hiring fees to the LLC Ceisler Jubelirer firm to lobby Congress and influenced media to convince them of the benefits of red light camera as effective way to reduce traffic accidents. The state is expected to release reports on the performance of the red light camera system.

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