Mount Laurel man arrested on DWI charges in 4-car crash

A man from Mount Laurel was arrested by Officers of Westhampton Township in his involvement in a four-vehicle crash last Monday evening along the road of Rancocas Rd. and E. Park Drive.

Police arrived at the scene at about 6:00 o’clock in the afternoon and arrested the driver later identified as Muhammad Khan, age 52, resident of Mount Laurel, who officers discovered was under the influence of alcohol.

Khan is now facing charges of driving while intoxicated and possessing an open container of alcohol inside his motor vehicle but was released after getting a scheduled appearance in court.

There were other victims in the crash but reported to be minor injuries

Responsible drivers never drink and drive. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered a crime offense in all 50 states. If a drunken driver is involved in car accidents, he is required to recompense any victim injured by his negligence.

Last summer, police in the township of Mount Laurel decided to set up a series of DUI checkpoints starting April 15 until May 15. The Mount Laurel Police Department said that drinking and driving violations are considered very serious offense. They spread out their checkpoints across several roadways requiring motorists to slow down or even stop. Authorities are making checkpoints highly visible.

Cities in New Jersey are devising new ways to stop negligent behavior on the roads. One distracted driver is a menace as he can cause a significant accident that leads, not only to extended hospital stays, expensive medical bills and possible long-term injuries, but also death. A car accident changes a person's quality of life. It's important for all who takes the road to become familiar with the applicable New Jersey law and how it will impact compensation.

Mount Laurel Police Department used the full effects of roadside checkpoints for one month last summer in the enforcement of drunken and/or impaired drivers. Chief of Police Dennis Cribben announced that offense under DWI is a very serious violation of state law and taken very seriously by the entire Mount Laurel Police Department.

If the man behind the wheel is drunken or impaired, test for blood alcohol concentration or BAC will be administered. If the result of the test shows an alcohol presence in the blood of .08% or higher, then the driver will be cited for driving with impairment.

The state of New Jersey takes DWI very seriously and harsh penalties imposed on people who break the law and take their responsibilities on the road lightly. Refusal of the driver to take the BAC will result to stiffer penalties. DOT is implanting every possible measure to insure that the road will be safe for pedestrians and motorists at all times.

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