PA Trucker Charged in Fatal Pile Up

A trucker from Pennsylvania has been charged with reckless driving after instigating a pile up in the state of Virginia. The pile up killed two people and left two others injured.

The spokeswoman for the Virginia State Police, Connie Geller, stated that a flatbed tractor trailer driven by fifty year old James J. Nagy of Bangor, Pennsylvania rear ended a sport utility vehicle on Interstate 64, in Albemarle County. The impact of the tractor trailer into the SUV started a chain reaction crash that involved a total of five other vehicles, one of which was a car that caught on fire because of the crash.

The accident happened on Wednesday, August 6 in the lanes going westbound on I-64 near Keswick, Virginia. Traffic had been slower in those lanes because of an accident that occurred earlier in the day, according to Geller, which is likely why the truck driver rear ended the SUV.

According to the news release given by Geller, a seventy year old woman named Vicki L. Shields from Palmyra, Virginia, died at the scene when her vehicle caught fire. A male passenger in another vehicle that was hit died later that day at the University of Virginia Medical Center, and his name has not yet been released. Nagy, the truck driver, was apparently not hurt in the accident.


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