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It’s a fact of life when you live near a huge city like Philadelphia: roads become quickly clogged as people either flock to the city or try to escape it. Norristown, a few miles northeast of Philadelphia, is no different. In fact, Norristown is busier than the average suburb because it has the huge Pennsylvania Turnpike just south of town, and its northeast extension to the east, adding to the congested traffic pattern.

If you get caught in the rush around Philadelphia, you know that it can be very easy to be issued a traffic ticket for speeding or running a red light. In large columns of cars, it is easy to lose track of your speed or to be the last person through an intersection as the light turns red.

Before assuming your guilt by paying the fine associated with your traffic ticket, think about your options. You should do this because the seemingly small fine could grow into a much larger cost to you as insurance premiums jump and points are added to your driving record, which can have all sorts of negative consequences.

For instance, if you received a speeding ticket, reflect on these sample questions: 1) Are you absolutely sure that the police officer recorded your speed accurately? S/might be far from mastering the sensitive gun used in LIDAR technology. 2) Was your speed recorded with VASCAR technology? Then the stopwatch used could have been defective or pressed far too quickly by a rookie police officer. 3) Did radar record your speed? It might have lacked calibration for several years, thus invalidating its readings.

These are just a small sampling of the types of issues that a quality Norristown speeding ticket lawyer will raise as s/he prepares your case. S/he might be able to persuade a judge that the LIDAR gun was not used correctly or that the radar’s tuning fork was defective and ineffective.

Before admitting your guilt by mailing in a check to pay your fine, call a Norristown ticket attorney for a free consultation. If you remember to contact an attorney after you have mailed your fine in to the proper agency, it will be too late to get any help from even the best Norristown traffic ticket attorney.

Here’s another nasty surprise that you want to avoid: if you have points on your driving record at the time of an alleged violation, you might be in danger of having your license revoked. If that occurs, you not only will need a ride to get anywhere, you could even lose your employment. Many contracts necessitate a current driver’s license for continued employment, so a simple speeding ticket could push you all the way into an unemployment line, a tough fate in this era of shaky local economies.

Instead of ending up with that horrible fate, call for a consultation and let a Norristown traffic ticket lawyer examine your situation. A trained professional who is familiar with traffic law can become a strong ally in a court of law. S/he will know precisely which forms of argument to use to get your fine reduced or thrown out entirely.

The money that a good Norristown traffic ticket attorney will charge in fees will be more than made up by your savings in fines, higher insurance charges and even lost wages. A reduction or elimination of your fine could result in thousands of dollars saved over the next few years, as the domino effect of ticket leading to fine, leading to changed insurance rates, is stopped in its tracks. Don’t wait; contact a credible Norristown traffic ticket attorney at once if you have received notice of a moving violation.

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