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Recent news reports have indicated that the fines collected from traffic tickets in Philadelphia will actually pay for several public works projects in western Pennsylvania. That should give you some idea of how much money is flowing into state coffers every day due to the stringent enforcement of speed limits and many cameras taking pictures of drivers who have run red lights.

Yet, as in any case, the more times something occurs, the higher the chance that an error can also occur. When you get on the state DMV website to pay your speeding ticket or other violation, read carefully what the screen says about admitting your total guilt in the matter. That alone should give you pause.

If you have any doubt whatsoever that you merited your traffic ticket (and you should have some doubt), be sure to contact a traffic lawyer in Philadelphia to discuss your options regarding your case. Paying your fine online or in the mail equals a total admission of guilt, and it will be impossible to appeal that plea.

If you get a free consultation with a traffic lawyer in Philadelphia, you can discover the many, many possible problems with reading speed accurately or even getting an unbiased photo of a vehicle running a red light in an intersection. Speed detection equipment is not infallible, and it needs to be frequently calibrated. Its users also need constant training and certification.

Philadelphia is the East Coast’s 2nd-largest city, which many people don’t realize, and with that comes clogged traffic on the highways in and around the city, as well as on the major thoroughfares. That can result in you being caught up in a pack of cars that is exceeding the speed limit without you even realizing it, or you ending up at the end of a long line of cars, stuck in an intersection on Broad Street with no choice but to proceed through a red light.

Thankfully, I-95 no longer passes directly through the city, but I-295, I-276 and I-476 all carry millions of vehicles each year as people circle Philadelphia or take an exit off these arteries to zoom into the city for work, play, business or tourism.

Inside the city limits, especially downtown, the main roads traffic can become extremely bunched. You can easily get stuck behind one of the many delivery trucks dropping off deliveries to a cheesesteak restaurant, for instance, and not even see the light turn red before you enter the intersection.

It makes sense to appeal your ticket, because not only are multiple errors possible, your initial fine is just the start of your costs. Your insurance premiums might take an alarming jump as a result of points added to your record, and you could even face the loss of your license. Eleven total points accumulated on your driving record in Pennsylvania will earn you the revocation of your license, and in some instances, first-offense amounts of six points can also cause you to forfeit your license for a time.

Losing your driving privileges can sometimes affect your employment status if your contract requires that you keep a valid driver’s license at all times. Is all of this loss worth it just to plead guilty in your effort to be an obedient citizen?

Exercise your rights as a citizen and fight your traffic ticket through a competent traffic attorney in Philadelphia.

And, if your offense is more serious, such as a DUI ticket or a hit-and-run offense, you will definitely want a traffic lawyer in Philadelphia by your side in court. He will more than pay for his services as he interacts with the judge and attempts to get your charge reduced or dismissed. A knowledgeable traffic lawyer in Philadelphia will know all of the right approaches to getting your fine reduced or dismissed, due to extensive knowledge of city and state traffic laws.

If you are under 21, you understand that you face even stiffer penalties than the average motorist in Philadelphia. A DUI charge can bring about a license suspension, fines and even jail time in some cases. Those fines can be up to $5,000 and jail time can go up to six months.

If you are under 18, the grace is even more limited. Six points onto your license will equal a 90-day suspension of your license, as will one high-speed conviction (26+ mph over the posted limit).

No matter what penalty or fines you face, it is a good move to engage a skilled traffic lawyer in Philadelphia to represent you. Call for a free consultation today to get the counsel that you need and keep the ripple effect of a traffic violation to a minimum.

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