Red Light Cameras Actually Causing More Accidents

Per traffic ticket costs $100, it’s no wonder that many Philly drivers share an instinctive hatred for red light cameras that are hidden at select intersections throughout the city.

For the past few years, the more red light cameras have been installed with the most recent addition at Boulevard and Grant which is one of the most accident-prone intersections in Philadelphia. It is sad to note that according to PennDOT report, accidents in this particular area have increased proven by less than 138 accidents just five years ago, to 159 accidents for last year.

Red light cameras bring in tons of bucks for the city, as there are many money-earning cameras spread throughout the city. In 2012, 33,627 violations were issued by the cameras located at Broad Street and Penn Square with resulting revenue of a whopping $2 million.

Philly and New Jersey have increasing numbers of red light cameras with new plans of installing more along the suburbs of Pennsylvania. This is something bright or gloomy to look forward in the near future. Of course, they guaranteed a steady income to increase revenue of the County. But according to the town fathers, revenue is only the second reason; the first is the safety of the citizens.

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