Red-light cameras in 25 Philly intersections

June 8, 2013

On Monday morning, the city of Philadelphia will have a total of 111 controversial cameras installed in 25 intersections after the red-light cameras at Byberry and Worthington Roads in NE Philly will be activated.

The instruction given is that motorists caught running red lights in these new installations for the first 45 days will receive warning notices from the post; at the end of that period, motorists will be issued fines of $100.

Philadelphia Parking Authority officials and city police say that despite negative comments of critics that the first reason for the camera was to raise revenues and it increased more  rear-end accidents, they believe that the cameras alleviate motorist’s safety by reducing red-light violations.

Based on Philadelphia police records, the Byberry-Worthington intersection is prone to accidents. In 2008, the area accounted18 crashes and in 2011, there was one crash that led to two fatalities.

Another important consideration for installing the camera is the fact that the intersection will now get new countdown signals for pedestrians, overhead traffic lights, access ramps for the handicapped and crosswalks have new paints.

Since 2005, the city was installed red-light cameras by Parking Authority. Its positive effects in both traffic safety and revenues encouraged the state legislature to extend the usage of the camera until 2017, as well as broadening the program to include other cities.

Talking about revenue benefits, in the City of Philadelphia, the cameras garnered about $10 million annually from fines collected. The sum of $3 million is set aside for the state and city funds; the rest are paid to the Parking Authority; the city police; a debt-collection firm and to American Traffic Solutions, the Scottsdale, Ariz., the company that installs and maintains the cameras.

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