Speeding ticket in Levittown PA

It’s likely not your proudest moment if you’ve ever been busted for speeding. Purposely or accidentally, we’ve all been guilty of speeding at one point or another. Maybe you fell victim to a local speed trap. No matter how it happens, getting caught, though, can be quite the pain. Unfortunately, in Levittown, a simple speeding ticket can have some pretty intense consequences.

In the State of Pennsylvania a speeding ticket automatically comes with two immediate, automatic consequences:

1) You’re going to pay up. Fine amounts vary depending on how fast you were clocked going over the speed limit. On top of the fine there are court costs, surcharges and additional fees that are added that can add up quick.

2) It’s going on your record. Each speeding offense is worth anywhere from 1-5 points and those points are assessed to your license in line with the severity of the offense. If you earn 6 or more points over a period of time of 12 months, you’ll earn a suspension of your driver’s license in Levittown.

On top of those two things, you are likely to see your insurance rates climb. Too many speeding tickets can cause your insurance carrier to view you as high risk. And with due cause: speeding often leads to accidents and even fatalities. If you’re unlucky and you wind up with a speeding ticket, you’re in luck because you have several options when it comes to a speeding ticket in Levittown The first option is to plead guilty, pay the ticket and incur the points on your record. There are several methods for payment including paying online or in person. Paying a speeding ticket in Levittown is an admission of guilt and is entered by the court as a guilty plea.

Points will be added to your driving record, unless you choose option two. The second option is to plead not guilty, post collateral, and request a hearing on the matter. At a hearing, you are given an opportunity to contest the ticket and give your side of the story.

What seem like reasonable defenses are plentiful, but few are actually legally sound. It’s difficult to represent yourself in a speeding ticket hearing because of the difficulty involved in proving you were not speeding. This is a great time to get a traffic court attorney involved by visiting us. Your attorney will have access to more records and documents that will enable them to make an arguable claim on your defense.

Levittown is patrolled by the Bristol Township Police Department. Visit their website here for more information: https://www.btpolice.com/ Learn more about your fines and additional penalties, and how to pay or contest your ticket here in Levittown through the Montgomery County Court’s website here: https://www.buckscounty.org/courts/DistrictCourts

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