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PennDOT announced that effective September 14, 2012, the state has legislated a new law which imposes stiffer penalties on drivers who disregard signs of road closed or other safety warning signages and devices.

Governor Tom Corbett signed Act 114 last July 5 which is intended to reinforce the most essential need for all drivers to follow traffic control signs. The objective of the law is to raise the safety awareness of motorists and emergency responders in places where dangerous conditions as flooding exist.

Motorists, at times, disregard safety warning signs and for their own personal reasons simply ignore these signs. They create dangers for themselves, as well as for emergency responders who come to their rescue. Barry J. Schoch who is PennDOT Secretary stated that this law stresses the importance of safety. Motorists must not take for granted the importance of road signs; they are compelled to use their common sense and obey the signs that are placed to keep them safe.

Traffic laws clearly stated that motorists who go around or pass through signs or ignore traffic control devices that closed a road or highway due to hazardous conditions or other reasons will be fined around $250, aside from two points added to their driving records.

They will have everything to lose aside from endangering their lives.

If they violate the sign and come into perilous situations where emergency crew will have to rescue them, the fine will be increased to more than $250 or $500. They will also have to repay the cost of the emergency response.

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Source: DMV State Pa. US

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