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Road signs are essential everywhere; whether they are found along insignificant small-town lanes or posted along the longest interstate highways. Pennsylvania, as one of the biggest states has lots of those signs; some are for traffic but some are for business. Whatever kind of signs is posted; they are governed by rules as they are displayed on public thoroughfares.

The purpose of traffic signs is not only to inform but primarily to maintain safety on the road. However, some accidents happened for drivers ignore signs on display. There is now a new law exacting strict penalties for drivers who disregard signs posted as road closed or one way or other warning signs and devices for safety.

Tom Corbett, governor of Pennsylvania, signed Act 114 that emphasized the acute need for all drivers to follow every traffic control signs. The purpose of the law is to increase safety awareness for motorists and emergency responders along the area in case of floods and other risky conditions.

It is not uncommon for drivers to consider their own personal comfort rather than the safety warning signs which the blatantly ignore. PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch stated that the law required all motorists to take the sign seriously. Drivers are faced with signs that the road is closed due to an emergency, as well as other warnings, they must utilize their common sense and remember that the sign was posted for their own safety.

The law is very precise motorists who drive around signs or pass through signs or traffic control devices that are closing a road or highway due to hazardous conditions will be added two points to their driving records, aside from paying a fine of $250.

If the violation will require the services of emergency responders, the violator will be charged an increased in fines between the amount of $250 and up to $500; plus the violators will also need to pay the costs of performing the emergency response.

PennDOT officials that this new law is effective immediately so drivers will keep in mind that stiff penalties are imposed for those ignoring traffic and safety warning signs and devices.

The law penalizes motorists who are apprehended driving around a sign or passing through signs or ignoring traffic control devices signifying that the road is closed due to flooding or hazardous conditions. An additional two points are added in the driver’s record. Fines will be around $250. But if ignoring the traffic sign causes a disaster needing emergency responders, then the fine will be increased between the sum of $250 to $500. The violator will also reimburse the cost of the emergency response.

The law’s objective was to increase safety for drivers and emergency responders in areas who are endanger by flooding or other hazardous conditions.

Being cautious of road traffic signs are not only important to neophyte drivers but it for the good of citizen. Drivers and pedestrians must always follow traffic signs. For example, pedestrians used road signs to be on the right place to wait for a bus or where they will cross the street.

Through the years, statistics showed that more and more people consider road signs very relevant. That’s why the United States Department of Transportation-Administration of Federal Highways have mobilized all the states to implement strictly the rules and regulations affecting road signs which will go a long way in avoiding road accidents.

Lawmakers are again at odds as they fight over an order from federal transportation calling for the installation of a brighter and easier to see traffic signs replacing the not-so-bright and not easy-to-seen present ones.

Chris Plaushin who is current director of federal relations for the AAA, the national association of auto clubs said that signs that are easily visible by motorists, especially older drivers, will be a great boost in making overall driving environment safer.

The SIGN Act was introduced by Pa. Sen. Pat Toomey with the purpose of repealing the new sign rule. The Rep party is saying that Washington’s regulation is excessive and expensive.

The legislation approves the mandate of putting up brighter and easy to read signs; however, due to the cost, they are giving these cities and corresponding states an extension until 2021 to follow the order and they are also offering federal funds to cover payment for its replacement.

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