Victim rescued from fiery crash grateful to volunteer fighter 

Philadelphia – Seventeen-years-old Joe Chambers, a volunteer with Leedom Fire Company, heard the sound of a car crash that instinctively brought him out to investigate. He rushed toward a crushed cruiser at the corner of Tasker and 28th Streets and found witnesses around a delirious Mark Kimsey, who was not able to move as the hood erupted into flame.

Officer Mark Kimsey was still able to radio in the accident, but was slipping in and out of consciousness as Chambers called for help to get him out. Chambers who is a senior at Ridley High School with another Good Samaritan, identified as Dante Johnson, age 24, tried pulling Kimsey from inside the car even though it might explode into a ball of fire at any second.

Chambers narrated that they just yanked him out as he was mumbling in pain. He could not feel his legs, was in a state of shock and practically immobile.

As the fire spread to the rest of the car, Chambers turned his attention to the unconscious driver in the truck and helped him to safety.

Officer Kimsey sustained a head concussion when the air bag burst open and hurt his knee with burned legs but that Monday, he smiled and expressed his gratitude to the visitors who saved his life. Chambers rescued the officer and they posed for a souvenir photo.

The operator of a black pickup truck broadsided the officer’s vehicle and dented the driver’s door shut. Both the driver and Philadelphia officer are in stable condition.

Chamber plans to join the Marines or Army after graduating from high school; but his life dream is to become a police officer.

After the impact of the crash, Kimsey remembers hearing a voice yelling at him that his car in on fire and has to get out. He tried opening the stuck door and was pulled out through the window. The voices he heard were Chambers and Johnson who were successful in pulling him out of the burning car.

Dante Johnson, age 24 also saw the problem and assisted Chambers carried the officer to a safe place. Then they were able to rescue another passenger of around 52 years who lost consciousness inside the pickup truck.

Kimsey called the two guys his heroes for if they did not extricate him put of the car, he would have been toasted inside. He will always be grateful to them for saving his live.
Before the accident happened, Kimsey was on a priority call with lights and sirens. He has joined the police force of Philadelphia for one year but has many years of experience in the federal police experience beneath his hat.

Chambers was Kimsey’s visitor in the hospital and now the two have found a lifetime friend.

Police continue their investigation of the accident to file the proper charges.

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